Wednesday, 15 April 2015

When the Menons Got #Grubbed!

This post is long over due... A lot of things have happened since my last post, and life is working on a whole different schedule, one where sitting down and composing ones thought's are a luxury! So what's got me so busy that I don't have time to check in with you guys? Well... we have a new addition to the family! Last month the hubs and I welcomed our little princess Adhira into our family and ever since then, life has never been the same... and in the most amazing way too!

Anyway getting back to the point, between 3rd and 5th April, a few weeks after we brought our princess home, The Grub Fest came up , and we felt that Adhira was settled enough to go on a family outing. So off we went, looking forward to some good food and some nice memories to be found on the sprawling lawns of Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Sadly, having an infant means you run according to their schedules, so we ended up reaching the grounds at around 2pm, probably the hottest part of the day. Finding a parking was a breeze since there were ample parking facilities and this was a real plus when compared to The Palete Food Festival held at Nehru Park last year. The one disappointment was the rude staff at the security (the lady doing the checking was a real piece of work). And I'm not sure why bags need to be manually checked if they have already been through a scanning machine!

That being said, once we arrived on the scene, we were all pretty impressed with the carnival-like atmosphere, the sheer number of stand alone restaurants represented, and the well organised and systematic manner in which all the exhibiting restaurant's stalls had been laid out. There were all kinds of foods on offer and it was great to see big names and newcomers alike, all in one location. It truly was a carnival of food! Kudos to Aman Kumar, Arjun Jain, Chaitanya mathur and Mani Singh Cheema, whose idea this festival was. 

Aside from the restaurant stalls, there were food trucks and a Grub Market where organic and fresh produce was available as well as baked goods, condiments and other goodies too! 

Here are a few images of our time at The Grub Fest... 

Some of the installations at the venue

Thought these bell peppers were cute and kinda freaky too :)

Getting to the Food

What The Truck!

Finally got a taste of the keema pao served by What The Truck... 
one word... AWESOME! Not such a big fan of their 
chips 'n' cheese though :(

We enjoyed some cool Buds and some great dim sum at Dao. 
This is the crab and prawn roll and it was delish!

When things got a little too hot we cooled off with some Old fashioneds 
and an Elderflower Spritzer at the ATM & PCO area. I know... 
Whisky in the afternoon! Try not to judge :)

The Elderflower Spritzer

The Old Fashioned

The Eton Mess... served at ATM PCO was a little disappointing...

And that's us! Our princess was getting a little cranky by this point!

Overall our visit to The Grub Fest was a great family outing. Well organised and an awesome group of restaurants represented. That being said, toilets were an issue, as always... and thankfully I didn't have to change any diapers... but I did pity the moms who did! 

Timing was also an issue. I think food festivals like these need to be held when it's cooler, so walking around is fun, even in the afternoon. In terms of location, if you were to honestly ask me, I'd say Nehru Park trumps JN stadium. For me, it is such a beautiful park, with tall trees that offer shade and large lawn areas where you can sit and have a picnic of sorts- a far prettier place for a food festival. I look forward to next year, I'm sure it will be bigger, bolder and much improved! 

[All images by Shalini Pereira. Please do not use without prior written permission]

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Yours Truly at the Zamozza Launch Party

Last Firday I was lucky enough to get an invite for the launch of Zamozza -World Kitchen & Bar. (big shout out to Chandni Mahajan of Wish Box Studio for the invite).  It was a night high on Food, Fashion, Music and Drinks, and I was super excited since I don’t often get a chance to get all ‘dolled up’ :) 

 The hubs, yours truly, Varun Puri & The gorgeous Sneha Lata Saikia

Mr Vidur Kanodia, Director & CEO at Eatbud Food Private Limited, launched Zamozza last Friday amidst much fanfare. Located at Janpath, just next to Shiv Sagar, and it promises to be a paradise for foodies and those looking for a place to enjoy a nice evening out with friends.

Mr Sunil Sethi & Mrs Bharti Sethi with our lovely hosts 
Ms Sakshi Kanodia & Mr Vidur Kanodia 

Varun Puri, Priyank Sukhija with Natasha Jain

It was a fun evening, made better with the company of Sneha Lata Saikia - The Kitchen Espion. It was great seeing so many well known faces of Delhi. We also bumped into several fellow foodies and it was nice to catch up and share notes. At a gastronomical level, I enjoyed some lip smacking food, particularly the chilli prawns and dimsum which were sooo good.

If you do happen to visit, make sure not to miss a great selfie opportunity as you walk through the narrow, mirror panelled corridor at the entry with its ceiling filled with light bulbs. It makes quite an impression!

Congrats to Vidur Kanodia & Varun Puri. The place looks great and I look forward to visiting again! 

[Images courtesy Wish Box Studio]

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